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Market Access offers cohort services programs like the INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION PROGRAM to improve startups’ knowledge and connections to the local market. The hands-on training program helps startups define and structure their international growth strategy. The program follows 8 steps - Diagnosis, Market Discovery, Modeling, Positioning, Launch, Immersion, Validation, and Scaling-Out - to guide startups in developing their international marketing plan and getting closer to the market. This program offers collective and individual training sessions to help entrepreneurs plan their approach to international markets, acquire knowledge and tools for building a global and scalable business, receive advice on defining their products, markets, and business models, and develop a global mindset to leverage their international journey's growth. It is a collective program that lasts 9 months and is open to startups in operation from any sector and with a track record. This international journey will allow startups to develop a deep understanding of the critical success factors needed to enter the market and create an entry-market strategy that will be tested and reinforced in an immersion phase where they will be able to contact market players and foster contacts in local startup ecosystems. The program also offers a scaling-out phase to analyse the results and establish improvement actions to leverage the reaching of market entry goals. During this period, startups will be mentored by our experts and mentors to help their companies design an International Marketing Plan to be finished by the end of the project.

Sector agnostic
Technology Readiness Level
TRL 7 – System prototype demonstration in operational environment
Disclaimer related to service

The service will only be implemented if there is a minimum of 5 eligible EIC beneficiaries per cohort. The service may only be offered to companies that have a TRL of 7 or more. Objectives include (non-exhaustive list): The development of an individualized Marketing International Plan;validation of the service/product in a new market;prospecting potential clients/partners. For more information, please check our presentation: EIC Beneficiary applicants should note that under the usual circumstances, the support period is expected to last 9 months and markets will be selected by Market Access together with an entity contractor, depending on the type and sector of interest. All service periods will be assessed on an individual basis.

Financial requirements

the hourly rate will depend on the complexity of the project and the target market, and can vary from €70 to €150.