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Start2accelerate provides EIC beneficiaries the know-how and expertise to successfully enter Europe, the U.S., Asia and other key markets. The local team in the target market will define a specific market access strategy and help localize the product, find the right price point and develop a business model and branding for the product. Further, potential clients and partners will be approached with the clear goal of acquiring the first customer in the target market. Other features of the program include, competitive analysis, legal/regulatory assessment, understanding of corporate setup, hiring in target market and local grant opportunities. This offer is implemented in a hybrid mode and spans over a duration of four months with an optional one-week stay in the target country.

Sector agnostic
Technology Readiness Level
TRL 7 – System prototype demonstration in operational environment
TRL 8 – System complete and qualified
TRL 9 – Actual system proven in operational environment
Financial requirements