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Unleash your growth potential with a program that has landed +100 ventures into the US! 

Dive deep into the US market and de-risk your venture’s market entry, with a soft-landing programme that builds on BGI’s 10 years’ experience and historical connection with MIT innovation ecosystem.

With a network of top-notch mentors, partners and potential investors, this world-class programme will guided you all the way for a soft-land into the US market.

In this programme, customized to your specific needs, we will connect you with relevant stakeholders, gaining first-hand understanding of the local and sectorial landscape.

The expert clinics will cover key finance, investment, and legal aspects of the US market, enabling you to build a reliable growth strategy and financial plan, hence removing uncertainty from your pathway. Further targeted contacts will provide you access to international investment opportunities.

For EIC Pathfinder beneficiaries, this will help you in early-stage validation and scalability options of your product or service in the US.


  • Preparatory joint work for adjusting the programme to your venture’s profile & priorities, according to a solid Go to Market Strategy;
  • 5-day bootcamp in Boston & Cambridge (USA), establishing valuable contacts with potential partners and investors;
  • Support in follow up phase to capitalize on your recent networking.

What you can expect to receive: 

  • Advise on Market and Investment Strategies, and Financial Plan for the US market;
  • 1:1 meeting with mentors, partners, technical advisors, potential clients and investors;
  • Expert clinics (Legal, Tax, Employment, etc). 
Disclaimer related to service

Applications remain open with several Cut-off dates: 

For 2023: 25 September & 15 December.

For 2024: 20 March , 10 June, 20 September & 10 December.

Focus areas: Health, Digital, Biotech & Pharma, CleanTech & Climate, Energy & Mobility, and Food & Agritech.

Financial requirements

€9,500 - €25,000