EIC Business Acceleration Services

Under Horizon Europe, at the EIC we strive to ensure that financial support is only the beginning of your journey as an EIC beneficiary, with mechanisms available to bring your innovations to the market and grow your business. As an EIC-supported startup or innovator, you can benefit from access to a range of tailor-made EIC Business Acceleration Services (BAS) available at any stage of development of your activities and of the EIC research and innovation cycle.

Our Business Acceleration Services are either developed directly by the EIC or provided through the EIC Ecosystem Partners, and you can access them through the EIC Community Platform. This innovation hub gathers all researchers and entrepreneurs supported by the EIC and connects them with coaches, national contact points, corporates, investors, procurers, EIC staff and other stakeholders with the potential to elevate their businesses.

Visit the EIC Business Acceleration Services website