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Biocat offers training on specific areas essential for business development by relevant experts from the BioRegion and other international Health Hubs. These training sessions can be delivered online or onsite. The courses offered to the beneficiaries are part of the Barcelona Program and CRAASH Barcelona Program and are organized in sets of 6-10 hours sessions. The training will have a total of 33 sessions, covering the following topics: Module 1 - International Regulatory & Intellectual Property (6h); Module 2- Market access, product development in medtech and user experience (10h); Module 3- Private and Public Funding (10h); Module 4- Introduction to Life Sciences Industry, Healthcare Systems and Management (10h); Module 5- Hospital Procurement and Health Technology Assessment (10h). Speakers tend to create a dialogue with participants and share case studies and good practices rather than giving monologue-like sessions. EIC beneficiaries will be able to choose the modules that are more suitable for them after a first discussion with Biocat experts.
Digital Health
Medical Devices
Technology Readiness Level
TRL 3 – Experimental proof of concept
TRL 4 – Technology validated in lab
TRL 5 – Technology validated in relevant environment
TRL 6 – Technology demonstrated in relevant environment
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Free of charge.