Test Farms

EIT Food

Start: 01-07-2023
End: 01-07-2024

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Service description
An ongoing programme for access to infrastructures targeting all EIC beneficiaries. This service provides access to test farms with the aim of helping agricultural startups test their solutions. Test Farms links agricultural startups and farmers owning land that can be used for testing. By enabling these connections, EIT Food helps validate innovative agritech ideas and test products and services, showcasing them to potential clients and investors, and therefor supports technological transformation in European agriculture. The positive impact of this service for EIC-supported agrifood startups in the earlier stages of development will be to enable them to test their technologies, products and solutions in a real farm field, with the most adequate characteristics in terms of crop, location, time of the year and specialised support to complete the test. This service targets agritech solutions at all levels of readiness, as the tests will be set according to the needs and requirements. The programme opens one call per year, but the service is available on demand and offered on a continuous basis.
Disclaimer related to service

All startups are selected by EIT Food according to the criteria available here: https://www.eitfood.eu/projects/test-farms.

Financial requirements

Free within the EIT application period, if selected, (for RIS startups). €15000/EIC Beneficiary for outside the application period as an individualised service.