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Service description
An ongoing service for access to funding and investment preparations targeting EIC beneficiaries. There are two services within this service package: B.1) Access to EIB Venture Debt Product - Appraisal Support: Support is offered in the following, for beneficiaries to potentially be able to avail of the EIB’s Venture Debt product –Initial Contact (dry run) for company with the EIB; -Support in addressing gaps: Content review, Documentation/DD review, Pitch preparation; - Issuance of a Letter of Recommendation about the beneficiary to the EIB, by EIT Manufacturing; - Support in Financing negotiation process. (Please refer to the link for details about EIB and product, and requirements (Domain, Size, required Funding size, etc.) to be considered: B.2) Simplified evaluation towards EIT Manufacturing Accelerate investment Call for Proposal: Lighter quicker Due Diligence based on already available EIC reviews and Due Diligence documentation, and if positive, taken directly to EIT Manufacturing’s Investment Committee, for potentially receiving a grant from EIT Manufacturing. Please refer to the following link for details on eligibility, funding size, etc.: Other Add-on Optional service within this package, that may also be offered to beneficiaries that choose to, should they already have one or both of the main services above chosen: B.3) Investment Readiness: Investment Readiness preparations (Due Diligence Support/Documentation review), Pitch Preparation, Investor introductions. Note that the Due Diligence support/Documentation review (Commercial, Technical, or both) offer will be aimed at helping the beneficiary estimate the company’s value, assets, technological competence, and commercial potential, depending on the goals of each innovator. This support would not mean a full-fledged Due Diligence itself but screening support from EIT Manufacturing to the EIC beneficiaries during their own DD process. This support is aimed for EIC beneficiaries to receive feedback from our experts on gaps in their DD processes, for error-checks/fact-checking on their Due Diligence documents and other Investment Committee memos, to better identify requirements of potential investors and receive tailored feedback specific to their fundraising needs and investment potential. The topics involve Company presentation/Business Model/Plan, Financials, planned Investment details, Competitive landscape, Exit potential, Risk Assessment, etc. Note that the Pitch Preparation and Investor Introductions offers involve access to the EIT Manufacturing ecosystem, for support towards their fundraising. More specifically, this would mean some introductions to investor parties, tailored support on investment preparations (i.e., pitch deck preparations, pitch training and preparation for investor meetings, etc.). The main target audiences are EIC beneficiaries with TRL 6 and above. The implementation will be hybrid (Online/Direct) conducted via (a) dedicated EIT Manufacturing point(s) of contact.
Technology Readiness Level
TRL 7 – System prototype demonstration in operational environment
TRL 8 – System complete and qualified
TRL 9 – Actual system proven in operational environment
Disclaimer related to service

These services are offered through personnel (points of contact) at the EIT Manufacturing Headquarters (HQ). The services may only be offered to companies that fit the strategic objectives of EIT Manufacturing and associated/partner manufacturing entities. For more information, please click here: EIC Beneficiary applicants should note that under the usual circumstances, the support period is expected to last 2-12 months, depending on the needs of the beneficiaries and service requirements. Nevertheless, the period may be adjusted depending on the requirements of EIC Beneficiary/applicants and the EIC Partner’s capacity at that moment in time, keeping in mind this Partnership Programme’s duration and timeline as well (e.g., the period will be reduced/increased). All service periods will be assessed on an individual basis.

Financial requirements

The pricing for the services offered as support to the EIC beneficiary, for the pre-defined period of support assessed on a case-by-case basis, are as follows: Services B) Support to Investments -B.1) Access to EIB Venture Debt Product - Appraisal Support: €15000. B.2) Simplified evaluation towards EIT Manufacturing Accelerate investment Call for Proposal: NIL/Free. Other Add-on Optional Service in Services B): B.3) Investment Readiness: €15000.