Joint Venture Agreement for US Market

Great Product Ventures, Inc.


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Service description

A seven-year minimum service for true venture building and creating a successful, revenue-generating company in North America targeting all EIC beneficiaries. EIC beneficiary does not have to relocate to the US as all services are managed by Great Product Ventures staff in the US. Through this service, Great Product Ventures will propose a joint venture agreement with the EIC beneficiaries with the purpose of raising capital in the US, supporting operations in the EU, and achieving rapid and successful commercialisation in the US market. Great Product Ventures will surround EIC beneficiaries with all the know-how, resources, and competencies needed for the mission to establish a legal and profitable entity in the US. The service provided includes the creation of a legal entity in the US, Office location at Great Product Venture’s premises, in Cambridge, MA and/or Miami, FL., Business Intelligence and market research, fundraising, access to a top-level network of VC’s, and Strategic Investors in various business sectors, with whom Great Product Ventures has a direct and privileged relationship. Additionally, regulatory work (i.e. FDA approval, PTCRB, UL certification) through the creation of tailored regulatory strategies for achieving product approvals as quickly and cost-effectively as possible is also included. Decades of experience working with regulators gives Great Product Ventures the insight to pursue non-traditional approaches. Great Product Venture’s FDA regulatory experts design and implement science-based strategic plans that have saved past partners time and money. EIC beneficiaries will get access to activities for securing Intellectual Property, critical to protecting assets and enhancing the overall desirability and valuation of the company's Business Development and Sales. EIC beneficiaries will get full assistance from a dedicated on-site team, to develop and grow their business in the US. This service is targeted to selected EIC beneficiaries with extremely innovative solutions in the MedTech, Greentech, Moble, IoT, or Consumer Products industries.

Sector agnostic
Technology Readiness Level
TRL 8 – System complete and qualified
TRL 9 – Actual system proven in operational environment
Financial requirements

Negotiable, but the average costs are €3000-10000/per month for the first 6-12 months only (launch period) and 50% equity in the North American Joint Venture. We do not touch any of the equity of the EU entity.