Digital Factory as a Testbed

MEXT Technology Center


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Service description

This service provides access to the Digital Factory, a discrete manufacturing testbed environment directed to EIC Transition and EIC Accelerator beneficiaries. The Digital Factory offers cutting-edge facilities and tools, as well as +150 use cases, to support EIC beneficiaries in the development of their R&D projects and PoCs especially for Industry 4.0 technologies and clean tech. Available tools and facilities: Automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), kitting station with 3D bin-picking capabilities, assembly line, 5-axis CNC machine, laser engraving machine, plastic injection molding machine, plastic 3D printer, additively manufactured electronics (AME) machine (DragonFly IV), stamping machine, AGVs (Omron), autonomous mobile platform with a collaborative robot (Kuka KMR iiwa), Boston Dynamics spot robot. EIC beneficiaries can also take advantage of a unique network and IT infrastructure with end to end integrated ERP, EWM, MES, PLM, IoT Platform, Edge systems, including a 5G mobile private network and a powerful GPU server for computer vision and AI tasks, in additional to real and synthetic data created at the Digital Factory. MEXT team at the digital factory will also provide their expertise for companies using the factory as a testbed or for PoCs. This will ensure a state-of-the-art infrastructure for EIC beneficiaries and access to accumulated know-how from MEXT team. The expected outcome of this service is the development/refinement of products and services by taking advantage of the Digital Factory's test environment. The duration of the service depends on the technical details of each and every case. Offline implementation.

Technology Readiness Level
TRL 4 – Technology validated in lab
TRL 5 – Technology validated in relevant environment
TRL 6 – Technology demonstrated in relevant environment
TRL 7 – System prototype demonstration in operational environment
TRL 8 – System complete and qualified
TRL 9 – Actual system proven in operational environment
Financial requirements

Between 2000€ - 4000€ per day (depending on the equipment and facility usage in the Digital Factory, consulting and support of MEXT team during project implementation).