Hippo Enabler helps founders of high-impact-potential startups to independently diagnose their scaleup status and resource needs, improve investor-readiness and justify funding requests, and keep their growing teams engaged, aligned, and committed when scaling up. This is a private and independent, owner-managed SaaS company with a mission to help Good People build Great Companies. With roots in discoveries as entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, followed by award-winning university experiments as action researchers, the company was launched as an experimental knowledge investment company backed by 45 individual Enabler Partners in 20 countries on 5 continents. After intensive co-creation, global market tests, pilots and pivots, continued innovation and successful R&D work, the company was transformed and restarted as a digital service in March 2023. The company has brought to market a new breed, fully automated, tested-and-proven digital scaleup and investor readiness tool.

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