Key Innovations

Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd has developed a virtual accelerator to support SMEs, start-ups, spin-offs and innovators to exploit and commercialise their innovations. We offer the following services via the OpenCosmos Accelerator. Virtual Accelerator Courses We deliver a wide range of courses suitable for SMEs, start-ups and innovators to exploit and commercialise their innovations. Overall, our accelerator under the OpenCosmos platform has secured unlimited access for its members to OpenCosmos courses (Live and recorded ones) and has the largest and most comprehensive selection of courses for planning and managing projects but also for transferable skills such as leadership, communications, negotiations, speed reading, etc. Virtual Accelerator tools and resources We are developing or collecting well-established and powerful resources for innovators, SMEs and Start-ups to exploit and advance their innovations towards commercialisation and strategic growth. This repository is continually updated. So far we have developed guides and tools to seed fundraising, lists of business angels, pre-seed funders investors with their portfolios, email templates for reaching new investors, how not to pitch to VCs, 500+ pitch deck examples, financial projection templates, leveraged buyouts, FDA approval tips in the energy sector, tips during merging and acquisition, SaaS investment basics, due diligence checklists, Pre-seed, seed and Series A milestones, etc. Virtual Accelerator Matchmaking with key actors One of the most important factors for successful exploitation, commercialisation of your innovation and growth of your start-up or SME is to connect with 1000+ key actors such as potential partners, researchers with related know-how and infrastructure, investors and clients. For this, we have launched a matchmaking platform based on AI to facilitate your networking activities with other OpenCosmos members plus investors such as business angels. Virtual Accelerator Coaching (One-to-One).

As a member of our Virtual Accelerator, you can be assigned to a coach and have one-to-one monthly meetings with them to address the following:  

  • Needs Assessment: Identification of needs and the state of Innovation. 
  • Transition Roadmap: Identification of barriers, pains and needs for advancing technological maturity and penetrating markets, expected impact  
  • Product Development Support: Guidance and support in product development and improvement  
  • Pitch Coaching: How to effectively pitch your business to investors
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