Insight Gravity
United Kingdom

Insight Gravity provides market insights and commercialization support for new technologies, products and services. We are a company founded by experienced strategy and financial consultants and R&D experts that works with companies, researchers and investors to bring new solutions to the market. We have seen first-hand the challenges that innovators face in commercializing innovative and novel solutions. Part of the problem is that innovators do not have timely and direct access to the B2B decision-making ecosystem, which makes it difficult to align technical developments with market needs. This creates issues in defining the most appropriate value proposition and go-to-market strategy, which leads to inefficient use of vital funds and missed opportunities. Insight Gravity was set up to help address these challenges by partnering with research institutes, universities, spin-outs, investors, corporate venture and R&D teams to help align new technology developments with market needs and key adoption drivers. Our work can be segmented into three specific types of innovation support services – market insights, commercial readiness and financing – that we can deploy at different stages along the development cycle.

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