Innovalaus is a dynamic consulting firm dedicated to fostering innovation and technological advancement for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and disruptive startups. Operating on a unique success-fee model, we specialize in a wide array of services aimed at enhancing your business's growth and financial health. Our expertise encompasses securing and managing grants for innovative projects, ensuring compliance to avoid fines, and leveraging labor cost savings through significant Social Security bonuses. We excel in improving your company's financial standing before banks, buyers, and investors by obtaining tax incentives through R&D deductions, and guiding through the intricacies of AAPP grants and fair evaluations. Furthermore, Innovalaus is adept at creating comprehensive business plans to boost your company's market valuation against competitors. A key part of our service portfolio includes accrediting businesses as innovative SMEs within Spain and the European Union, positioning them for greater success and recognition in the global market. With Innovalaus, you gain a partner committed to translating your innovative ideas into profitable realities.

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