Inveniam is a technology-based transaction company with a long and proven experience in the areas of technology transfer and strategic, financial and market advising. The main characteristic of Inveniam is its dedicated support to its clients throughout the entire technological maturity cycle, from the first outline of an innovation to the market. At Inveniam, we work providing Strategy Consulting, Financial advisory and Public Funding consulting for the best research institutions, incubators and emerging companies. Inveniam has 20+ years’ experience in tech transfer, having participated in 100+ licensing deals and funded projects. We work closely with our clients to appropriately select specific technologies from their portfolios, based on the technologies’ applications, their development stage (such as the existence of proof of concept, prototypes, etc.), the intellectual property position, value proposition, likelihood of success and market potential. Our team utilizes various approaches, resulting in different business models specific to the client and the technologies’ characteristics.

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