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Deep Rising is our dynamic 6-month hybrid accelerator explicitly designed to empower early-stage deep-tech startups and research-to-business projects. Our mission is to fuel your innovations and support you to build thriving businesses. Deep Rising is a programme to achieve: 1. Product- market fit: evident progress towards providing a focused solution for a clear target market 2. Fundable status: having a calculated and fundable team formation, cap table, and financial plan We offer a tailored programme: Entirely customized and unique Weekly to monthly mentoring sessions Dedicated lead mentor for each team Experts & advisors upon team’s needs Venture builders (co-founders, advisors, board members)

Sector agnostic
Technology Readiness Level
TRL 4 – Technology validated in lab
TRL 5 – Technology validated in relevant environment
TRL 6 – Technology demonstrated in relevant environment
TRL 7 – System prototype demonstration in operational environment
TRL 8 – System complete and qualified
TRL 9 – Actual system proven in operational environment
Disclaimer related to service

We don't promise investment. NSV only invests in companies that has worked with previously through its venture building activities, in order to validate the investment potential.

Financial requirements

The programme fee for the venture building activities ranges depending on each case, but it averages around €50000 package for the 6 months programme. The conditions can be negotiable and we accept part of the payment as a convertible loan. We also reserve the right to invest back (or even more) in the company if we want to continue working with the company afterwards. For EIC participants we are offering the same package for €35000.