MyTechPlan is an avant-garde EIC partner specialized in curating tailored, high-impact solutions designed to drive innovation and enhance brand recognition. Our services include Hackathons, Team Building exercises, Webinars, Influencer Marketing Partnerships, and Conferences, offered in formats ranging from online to offline and hybrid models. With a proven track record—over 10 successful hackathons launched in 2022 alone—we excel in identifying innovative ideas, exploring new market niches, and elevating business culture at a fraction of the conventional cost. Our adaptable cost structure ensures a perfect fit with your company's financial prerequisites. We not only help in talent recruitment but also in forging partnerships between companies and educational institutions, all while gathering valuable leads interested in your offerings. As a burgeoning innovator in the sector, we are on the lookout for challenges and clients willing to think—and act—outside the conventional box.
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