Technology Innovation Assessment

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Analyses of the level of innovation and state of the art for new technologies, products, and services in international patent databases, publicly available publications, and market offerings; including those maintained by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), European Patent Office (EPO), European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and commercial databases. The analysis and study will address issues such as: Whether the products or services that are to result from the implementation of the technology are available on the market; what is the novelty and innovation of the product or service about products or services already existing on the market; what are the technological and utility properties and parameters that determine the advantage over other products or services in a given industry. The outcome of the service will be an assessment that will confirm/ deny the innovation of the technology and determine its scale and identify the risk of its implementation. The scale of innovation applied may be national or global. The time frame of application of the technology will also be examined. The target groups are EIC Pathfinder and EIC Transition beneficiaries. The assessment of innovation level project developed by EIC beneficiaries will bring feedback on the needs for integrating the scientific and innovator community. Service performed by in-house specialists. Online or offline implementation.

Sector agnostic
Technology Readiness Level
TRL 1 – Basic principles observed
TRL 2 – Technology concept formulated
TRL 3 – Experimental proof of concept
TRL 4 – Technology validated in lab
TRL 5 – Technology validated in relevant environment
TRL 6 – Technology demonstrated in relevant environment
TRL 7 – System prototype demonstration in operational environment
TRL 8 – System complete and qualified
TRL 9 – Actual system proven in operational environment
Disclaimer related to service

The cost above does not include the access to databases and other external costs required such as analysis of outsourced experts etc. In case of offline service the cost above does not include travel and accommodation expenses.

Financial requirements

€50 per hour