LIGL advokater AS

Start: 01-08-2023
End: 31-12-2024

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Service description
A Branding Advisory Service provides businesses with the necessary expertise and support to craft and execute a robust branding strategy. This comprehensive service encompasses the following key components: firstly, collaborating with companies to identify and cultivate a distinctive and memorable name that accurately reflects their brand and offerings; secondly, developing a cohesive visual identity for the brand, including a logo and other visual elements that align with the brand's values and personality; thirdly, creating high-quality videos to effectively convey the brand's message and values to its target audience; and finally, formulating an online strategy, including a social media presence, to engage effectively with the target audience and promote the brand's products or services. The overarching goal of this service is to equip companies with the expertise and support needed to establish and implement a strong and effective branding strategy. By leveraging the communication, design, and video production skills of branding experts, companies can cultivate a powerful brand identity that resonates with their target audience and bolsters their commercial success.
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Digital and Information communication technology
Education and training
Technology Readiness Level
TRL 1 – Basic principles observed
TRL 2 – Technology concept formulated
TRL 3 – Experimental proof of concept
TRL 4 – Technology validated in lab
TRL 5 – Technology validated in relevant environment
TRL 6 – Technology demonstrated in relevant environment
Disclaimer related to service

EIC Venture Building programme participants who are eligible for the Venture Support Services activity, can benefit from up to 10 days of services, fully covered by the programme.

Financial requirements

Negotiable price. Applicants can bilaterally discuss with the EIC Partner.