Angels Santé

Angels Santé is the largest Angel Group in Europe dedicated to healthcare investment. Since 2008, Angels Santé has brought to the market extensive know-how in cross-border investment and support to healthcare companies. Angels Santé investors bring their capital and expertise to high-potential start-ups to support their launch and development. Angels Santé aims to connect investors and entrepreneurs from the world of health in order to support the growth of innovative and ambitious business projects. Each start-up is selected according to a precise and detailed business plan, finely studied, and approved. It offers a non-negligible leverage effect for its entrepreneurs and thus constitutes considerable support for these rising start-ups, thanks to the complementary expertise of these investors, the training course it sets up, and the syndicated funding from which each project can benefit. Angels Santé operates a European Health Investor Network to facilitate cross-border series A fundraising.

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