Beta-i collaborative innovation was born in Lisbon in 2009 as a disruptive response to the financial crisis of the time. We had the goal of boosting the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and in 14 years we have helped thousands of startups and dozens of worldwide big corporations solving the most difficult challenges. We are considered one of the main ones responsible for the strong innovation hub created in Lisbon that has given fruitful results not only to Portugal but to the European scene. Today Beta-i has a strong presence globally, with offices in Boston, Brussels, Lisbon, and São Paulo, applying its expertise in over 60 countries. We are the innovation consultancy of choice for world-class companies to accelerate their journey. Our innovation programs developed with in-company teams or wider ecosystems harness the power of collaboration to find solutions for a rapidly changing world, driving business growth, operational efficiency, and competitiveness always guided by our north star which is to create business impact. To have an impact on business was always our driving force.
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