Market Access is an organisation with 18 years of expertise in internationalisation, having developed more than 1600 projects in more than 60 markets. Primarily focused on aiding SMEs and startups, its mission revolves around guiding these businesses through every phase of their global expansion journey. Market Access provides comprehensive consultancy, from crafting international strategies to validating Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) in the early stages, which ultimately leads to the development, and scaling up of enterprises in selected markets during the more advanced phases. The company's services are diverse and include structured and adaptable methodologies offered as individualized or program cohort services. Moreover, Market Access excels in conducting detailed market research, a pivotal tool in facilitating successful expansions into foreign markets. Their integrated approach ensures that internationalisation strategies are not only developed but also seen through to completion, delivering the anticipated outcomes within global markets. This comprehensive support and guidance is tailored to guarantee their clients' success in navigating the complexities of global business environments. Market Access has an international extensive network and differentiates itself by connecting companies and startups with demand, supporting the sale of products and services, and validating international strategy.

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