INNOVA is a private technology and business accelerator, created in Italy (Rome) in 1993. It offers incubation and support services to teams of innovators and innovative companies operating in cutting edge disruptive technologies in ICT (AI, IoT, machine learning, Industry 4.0 technologies) and biotech fields. INNOVA holds branches in Italy, Poland, UK and US (New York) providing specialised support for technology validation, technology transfer, market acceleration, IPR protection and internationalisation. INNOVA is technical advisor and consultant to international companies, leading research centres and universities, and institutional partners across Europe. Through its international contacts it enables access to European technology hubs and foreign technological and commercial partners. Main services offered are: customer discovery, patent landscaping and IPR protection strategies, specialised training on IPR, technology transfer and internationalisation, market penetration and business growth strategies, project financing advisory and support for fundraising, and partnerships building. Through its internal applied research lab and technical units, INNOVA offers rapid prototyping services, technical assistance for SW and app development, technology validation services, and access to its lab facilities. INNOVA arranges incubation and acceleration programmes at national and European level. Currently, it is running the T2M Entrepreneurship Programme for European deep tech researchers on behalf of the European Innovation Council. INNOVA is Startup Europe Ambassador and member of national and European networks and associations dealing with support to startups and innovative businesses.

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