The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) is an internationally supported (21 countries) research infrastructure (Grenoble, France) and an ESFRI Roadmap Landmark. Our services support industrial R&D and innovation needs. This is particularly the case for materials developments, process developments where microscopic analysis and insights are required and the ESRF’s X-rays can vastly accelerate technology development by providing deep vision into commercial materials, products and processes. The ESRF operates 44 high-end X-ray instruments using synchrotron X-rays to look deep into materials and living matter. Over 9,000 researchers visit or use the ESRF remotely annually, including a growing community of industry researchers paying (costs recovery) for confidential and rapid access to X-ray and laboratory services. The Business Development Office (BDO) is the dedicated point of contact for industry and provides commercial services and technology transfer generating 2.5MEuros annually. The BDO’s mission is to support industry in exploiting the ESRF’s facilities and skills to boost innovation and competitivity. Becoming an EIC partner will boost this mission by supporting EIC beneficiary innovation through access to ESRF services and skills. ESRF is a partner in a range of networks (e.g. LEAPS, ARIES, EIROforum) which extend our reach as a service provider and problem solver.

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