Global Business Inroads (GBI) is an International Business, Technology, Innovation and Project Management platform based in Europe, USA, India and UK with project operations in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Africa. GBI is specialized in scaling technology access and deployment globally for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. At GBI, we combine years of expertise, extensive domain knowledge, strategic innovation, benchmarked creativity, and professional instincts that culminate into a unique value proposition. GBI assists highly innovative European innovators and SMEs internationalize into markets like USA and India by helping them identify new collaboration opportunities, providing insights into the market for the uptake of technology, its feasibility assessment and positioning, identifying real project opportunities, adaptation of technology to the project techno-commercially, negotiating business agreements and helping with business models and roadmaps for deployment in USA and India. Global Business Inroads (GBI) has been supporting European innovators, start-ups, SMEs access international market opportunities for over a decade.

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