The Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion (IPPLM) is the public research institute conducting research in the area of plasma physics, controlled fusion in order to generate useful (electrical) energy in a safe and environmentally friendly manner and research on plasma/ion sources for electric propulsion. Fusion studies are of strategic importance for the civilizational and economic development of the community of European countries and the whole world. The institute contributes in many fields of activities in national and international projects, which are the subject of the cooperation of a number of partners. In general, but not exhaustively, the most propitious areas for mutual cooperation are in the scope of energy, environment and technology, are plasma accelerators, pulsed plasma neutron sources, irradiation target improvements, materials testing and research, developments related to IFMIF-DONES facility, developments related to JET, W7X, ITER and many others fusion devices.

Project stage