Founded by Silicon Valley executives with combined experience of over 30 years scaling startups globally, Belayer’s mission is to connect European startups to knowledge, network, and capital. With a team originally from Ireland, and based in Silicon Valley, Belayer builds a bridge between Silicon Valley and European startups so they can navigate the complexities of global growth. Belayer offers three core programs.

1. Capital Raising in Silicon Valley
We help you develop and execute a fundraising strategy in Silicon Valley and broader global capital markets. 

2. US Market Readiness (3 months)
A three-month bridge program designed to ensure you are prepared to accelerate U.S. market entry.   

3. Scaling in the US Market (6 months)
A more detailed program to accelerate growth. You will have a personalized team in Silicon Valley who will limit threats and supercharge opportunities to help you scale. The service will focus on product-market ft, go-to-market strategy and capital raising.  
Our team has worked in venture capital and leading technology companies and have vast experience scaling European startups globally from the heart of Silicon Valley. 

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